Transliteration – Visual Form and Meaning Professional Development

The lead interpreter is working with all of us on form and meaning.  I have posted my video link and transcript below.  Comments are welcomed.  Be kind!

(The quality of the video is wonky because I recorded it on my Nexus 7)

Visual Form and Meaning Professional Development

A woman decides that making a cake would be a good idea, so she grabs her cookbook. She gathers all the things needed to prepare: Bowl, measuring cup, milk, eggs and starts to combine them in the bowl. Using a spoon she starts to stir the ingredients. She pours the cake mix into a cake pan while her cat watches curiously. She puts the pan into the oven.  While she waits for the cake, she pulls up a seat and starts to read a book.  The cat plays near by.  Later, she pulls the cake out of the oven.  It is ruined! Disappointed, she makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for herself and some cat food for her cat.