Winding down…

27 school days left.  Whoa!!

What a great year this has been so far.  So fun to see my student thrive and become a nice citizen of the world.  I know…there is still some work to be done but it’s nice to sit back and reflect.

FCAT is nearly finished for 7th grade.  I believe the other grades in the school still have some testing to do.  You would think that all the stress of school would be complete but just around the corner are “End of Course” exams and then their semester tests.  OOF!

As an interpreter, all this testing can be stressful.  Depending on your student, you may need to keep up with all the vocabulary you established throughout the year because it may come up on a test.  Also, sitting quietly while your student is testing can take a toll.  We all want a few minutes to sit quietly but during testing you can’t really “decompress” you have to be actively ready if your student needs anything interpreted on the test or if the teacher and or fellow students say anything.  My trick to keep my happy during this time is to get an “ear worm” of a happy song that I can sign in my head to keep my occupied. 

I have decided not to work this summer, instead I’m attending Silent Weekend in June and hope to get into the Summer Institute. I love improving my craft. Knowledge is power! 🙂


FCAT time!

I’ve been horrible about blogging lately.  I have no excuse….Just laziness.  Here are some quick updates.

It’s FCAT time here in Duval County Public Schools.  Lots of time to meditate between interpreting directions.

Taking a workshop on line about parsing text.  I’m way over my head and loving it.  Not sure if I’m doing it right but it’s making me think outside the box about my product and that’s always a good thing.

My intern is pretty much done with her hours but would like to continue on afterwards to keep honing her skills.  Awesome attitude to have and I hope it pays off for her in the long run.  I think I’m going to work on more team interpreting because I really miss being in the hot seat.

I’ll work on being better about blogging.  Sorry readers.