I got my results back from taking the EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) that I took in August.  I scored a 3.3.  My reactions were all over the place at first. From “Wow, you did better than you thought” to “Oof…shouldn’t you be better than that?”.

I have been working as an interpreter for five years.  I remember reading, or maybe watching a vlog, about how that if you weren’t nationally certified after five years you should find another profession.  This popped into my head the day I got my scores.  Really?  I should just quit what I love?  No, I don’t think that is how any profession works.  You have to learn to hone your skills and develop your craft.  The EIPA team gives you wonderful feedback to help you do just that, become a better educational interpreter.  I still consider myself a very new interpreter with tons to learn and I love to learn.  I try to attend workshops when I can and have found a wonderful community of presenters via the Interpreter Project here in North Florida.

My plan is to test again in 2015 after doing my summer of professional development like I did last year.