Transliteration – Visual Form and Meaning Professional Development

The lead interpreter is working with all of us on form and meaning.  I have posted my video link and transcript below.  Comments are welcomed.  Be kind!

(The quality of the video is wonky because I recorded it on my Nexus 7)

Visual Form and Meaning Professional Development

A woman decides that making a cake would be a good idea, so she grabs her cookbook. She gathers all the things needed to prepare: Bowl, measuring cup, milk, eggs and starts to combine them in the bowl. Using a spoon she starts to stir the ingredients. She pours the cake mix into a cake pan while her cat watches curiously. She puts the pan into the oven.  While she waits for the cake, she pulls up a seat and starts to read a book.  The cat plays near by.  Later, she pulls the cake out of the oven.  It is ruined! Disappointed, she makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for herself and some cat food for her cat.


Working for a school has it’s benefits.  One of the biggest, in my opinion, is the time off.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.  The time off though gives me a chance to really rest my working arms.

Coming back after six days off I could really feel how “out of shape” my arms were.  It’s not like you don’t use them in regular daily life but it’s finally hit me that “interpreter arms” and “everyday arms” are different.

We are coming up on a longer break.  I need to remember to keep up with my craft while I’m resting.


Wow…2nd Quarter already.

This school year is blazing past.  It is hard to believe that the students are already in their second nine weeks of school.  Where is the time going? I have to laugh at times though, they still ask what class they are going to after 9+ weeks.  I think they might just be striking up a conversation 🙂

This time of year is busy.  Coming up on all of the holiday breaks and district has to squeeze in some testing before their big winter break.

Testing for interpreters can be exhausting.  For reading, we can interpret the directions but from that point on it’s sitting quietly while the students test for 60 minutes.  You’d think 60 minutes of sitting would be wonderful, but you are looking around, trying not to distract students all why trying to portray a professional demeanor.  If we could read during the test it would be easier but because they are district tests we are not allowed to have other material out while their tests are being given.   For the math, science, and history sections it can be a little more exciting.  We can actually interpret the questions if they are read by the teacher.  In a class with more than one Deaf/HH this can be a challenge if there is only one teacher and one interpreter.

One year, during testing, I sang Christmas songs in my head.  I was surprised at how fast the time went.  I wonder what will be running through my brain this year…