Enjoying my spring break. Hope everyone else is also.



Spring Break is looming.

This is the time of year where the kids are initiated with FCAT drills.  Their poor little heads.  Wait…this is why they are here.

We have a few weeks until Spring Break and then they come back and a few weeks later it’s a week of testing. I’m not a fan of standardized tests but I see why some people think they are important.  Wait, no..I don’t see it. I remember growing up, you know..back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, and we would take a standardized test every few years.  I don’t recall it being every year.

As an interpreter  I get to see a variety of classrooms and there is a lot of great teaching going on.  Some of it gets interrupted by FCAT drills. I know that the state of Florida is moving way from FCAT and heading towards an End of Course exam for every calls.  I think we used to call that finals.  heh.