Day One

So far so…yeah. exhausted. Today was day one of the 2015-2016 school year and it seems like we have been back for months.

Four, 90-minute blocks per day can wear out an interpreter. Please, if you are a teacher that has an interpreter in the classroom, be aware that even though you are talking incidently, we still have to interpreter it so the students have equal access to all information.

I know that the first couple of weeks everyone is trying to get their groove going and this is honestly one of the roughest times for an educational interpreter. So much information that seems like it all need to put out during the whole 90-minutes.

I want to shout it out to the universe that I appreciate the teachers today that had short writing activities to break up the 90-minute lectures. Even though you continued to talk and I still interpreted everything that was going on, it allowed the students to take a break from attending to me, and do what you needed them to do. The students get visually tired watching me for those 90-minutes too. Please remember that.

Looking forward to the upcoming year. Met some really cool teachers and look forward to interpreting for them.


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