I have neglected this blog and I apologize.

We are starting the third nine weeks or second semester next week. Wow, half the school year is gone. I do have to say that it is flying by.

Earlier this year one of the students moved away, and now one of our interpreters is moving on as well. While I know that it is a good move for both parties, it is sad to see students and colleagues go.

On my own journey, I have gotten my results from the EIPA performance test. I did improve but not as much as I had hoped. I did pass the written test earlier in the school year. So while I’m moving forward, I have to remember that sometimes it comes in baby steps,

A week from today I am attending a workshop on voicing. I am actually really nervous and excited to attend this workshop. I love the presenter. I love the opportunity to work on one of my weakest attributes of interpreting. I am nervous that I’m going to be so horrible at it that I will just want to ball up in a corner during the workshop. I wonder if other interpreters get this anxious over a workshop.

This whole interpreting journey is crazy. I can say that there have been many times I have wondered if I’m on the right journey. Honestly, I love what I do. I wish I was better. Again, I think/or hope that is a common feeling among interpreters. It’s not something we often talk about.

Maybe we should. Maybe there should be a workshop about how it feels to be working towards things and it taking slower than we thought and how to cope with that.


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