Macromolecules for life..quick review

Kids are getting ready for End of Course (EOC) exams which means review, review, review and intro to some things they’ll get to in high school.  Today, it’s the macromolecules for life.  Just a few signs from the ASL-STEM Forum.




Nucleic Acid (No sign found – Will establish a sign for class using N-A)



Amino Acid






About two weeks ago I picked up my cat and heard a pop from my left shoulder.  Since then I have had good days and down right horrible days.  Horrible as in, I couldn’t even brush my hair without crying because the pain in my shoulder was so bad.  Not even with my other arm.  I’ve been to the doctor twice.  Gotten x-rays and yesterday went for an MRI. The doctor put me on prednisone and flexeril.  After two days of that I have seen an improvement but not as fast as I would like..It will probably be next week before I heard about the results of the MRI. Waiting is tough.  Anyway, I wanted to find some things that could help prevent shoulder injuries for my fellow interpreters.  Here are a few:

I’m sure there are tons more out there but these are a few that I really thought were informational and beneficial to me.

Keep healthy!! _\,,/