Whoa..where has the time gone?

20150518_111621_671Where has the year gone?  I can’t believe that after this weekend we only have nine more school days left.   The kids are ready for the summer and so is the faculty and staff.

The sixth graders were treated to a trip to Legoland last week.  We had fun….even though I got very sunburned.  The kids had a great lab there that taught them to use robotic legos to do tasks via a computer program.  Wait…I want to learn too. We have a few more tests to get through this upcoming week and then it should be lots of hand on project time to finish out the year.  I’m hoping the students keep up their good work.  I’ve seen tremendous growth.  It is so fun to see how far they have come since August.

This summer is going to be the summer of workshops.  I’m attending Silent Weekend in June.  Then an intensive EIPA training in Omaha, NE which is immediately followed by the Summer Institute at UNF.  I hope my skills improve as I’m taking the EIPA test again during the Summer Institute.  I really want that 4.0 or higher.  OOF!

I hope all the educational interpreters have a great summer.  Refresh and revitalize yourselves!  I’ll keep you posted on how all my workshops go.