Why I don’t like reporting out.

I was feeling under the weather,sore throat and general malaise, and took the day off.  I must have slept for 20 hours that day.  I ditched the sore throat but the general blahness has persisted.  I’m here at work and trying to “fake it, until I make it”.  We only have a four days until Winter break is upon us.  Hooray for scheduled time off! 

I know for me, I feel guilty if I’m not at work.  I love what I do and basically don’t trust anyone with my kids.  Possessive, I know. When I got back to work yesterday I heard the kids did better in Science than they had all year.  UGH!  Was the sub-interpreter better?  I am I failure as an interpreter?  All these questions racing through my brain.  I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I think it’s human.  Without the daily feedback of a co-interpreter I am always doubting my ability.

Being human can be a burden 😀