I have neglected this blog and I apologize.

We are starting the third nine weeks or second semester next week. Wow, half the school year is gone. I do have to say that it is flying by.

Earlier this year one of the students moved away, and now one of our interpreters is moving on as well. While I know that it is a good move for both parties, it is sad to see students and colleagues go.

On my own journey, I have gotten my results from the EIPA performance test. I did improve but not as much as I had hoped. I did pass the written test earlier in the school year. So while I’m moving forward, I have to remember that sometimes it comes in baby steps,

A week from today I am attending a workshop on voicing. I am actually really nervous and excited to attend this workshop. I love the presenter. I love the opportunity to work on one of my weakest attributes of interpreting. I am nervous that I’m going to be so horrible at it that I will just want to ball up in a corner during the workshop. I wonder if other interpreters get this anxious over a workshop.

This whole interpreting journey is crazy. I can say that there have been many times I have wondered if I’m on the right journey. Honestly, I love what I do. I wish I was better. Again, I think/or hope that is a common feeling among interpreters. It’s not something we often talk about.

Maybe we should. Maybe there should be a workshop about how it feels to be working towards things and it taking slower than we thought and how to cope with that.

Day One

So far so…yeah. Oof..so exhausted. Today was day one of the 2015-2016 school year and it seems like we have been back for months.

Four, 90-minute blocks per day can wear out an interpreter. Please, if you are a teacher that has an interpreter in the classroom, be aware that even though you are talking incidently, we still have to interpreter it so the students have equal access to all information.

I know that the first couple of weeks everyone is trying to get their groove going and this is honestly one of the roughest times for an educational interpreter. So much information that seems like it all need to put out during the whole 90-minutes.

I want to shout it out to the universe that I appreciate the teachers today that had short writing activities to break up the 90-minute lectures. Even though you continued to talk and I still interpreted everything that was going on, it allowed the students to take a break from attending to me, and do what you needed them to do. The students get visually tired watching me for those 90-minutes too. Please remember that.

Looking forward to the upcoming year. Met some really cool teachers and look forward to interpreting for them.

Last weekend of summer…


Lazily, I woke up this morning.  As I meandered through the house, making coffee, letting the cat go out on the patio, reading the news.  It hit me.  Today was the beginning of the last weekend of summer vacation.  Whoa…where did the summer go?

Actually, I know where it went.  I have been very busy attending workshops to “hone my craft”.   I wish I could have traveled more for pleasure.  Sure the week in Omaha, NE was worth it, I learned a lot, but I only ventured out one night.  I really need to get out of my comfort zone more often and do things, even if I’m by myself.

Things I’m going to work on this school year:

  • Doing my job, and only my job
  • continuing my professional development
  • letting things go, I don’t have to do it all
  • try to get that Clerk designation changed to interpreter in the district
  • be open to new opportunities

So bring on the younglings/padawans and let the force guide me. Well…in a week..I’m going to enjoy this last week of no students a little bit longer.



RID Announces Moratorium on Credentialing

What does this mean?  All certificates, even Ed:K-12 which the testing, both written and performance, are not done via RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf)  for will be part of this moratorium until things can be “figured out”.  For those of us who are working towards National Certification, this confused me.  How can I get certified if governing body of interpreters isn’t giving out certifications.

The good news for me is that because I am an Educational Interpreter I choose to be tested via the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA).  It won’t be until December until I find out my results and I still have to take the written portion of the test.  So while I’m not totally freaked out about this, it still makes me weary as an interpreter to see our profession in such flux.  Change is good..right?

For more information on RID’s decision, click HERE.

Whoa..where has the time gone?

20150518_111621_671Where has the year gone?  I can’t believe that after this weekend we only have nine more school days left.   The kids are ready for the summer and so is the faculty and staff.

The sixth graders were treated to a trip to Legoland last week.  We had fun….even though I got very sunburned.  The kids had a great lab there that taught them to use robotic legos to do tasks via a computer program.  Wait…I want to learn too. We have a few more tests to get through this upcoming week and then it should be lots of hand on project time to finish out the year.  I’m hoping the students keep up their good work.  I’ve seen tremendous growth.  It is so fun to see how far they have come since August.

This summer is going to be the summer of workshops.  I’m attending Silent Weekend in June.  Then an intensive EIPA training in Omaha, NE which is immediately followed by the Summer Institute at UNF.  I hope my skills improve as I’m taking the EIPA test again during the Summer Institute.  I really want that 4.0 or higher.  OOF!

I hope all the educational interpreters have a great summer.  Refresh and revitalize yourselves!  I’ll keep you posted on how all my workshops go.


Testing Season


I know it is close to testing time at schools when I get updates on what can and can not be signed during tests.  If you’d like to refresh your memory please read the following from the Florida Department of Education.

2014-2015 FSA and FCAT_FCAT 2.0_NGSSS EOC Assessment Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In other news, I am still going to workshops.  It’s about once a month.  I love it.  I can’t get enough.  Sometimes 6 hours isn’t enough time for the presenter to explain implicit -> explict meaning.  *sigh* I’m sure you could spend months on how to do that effectively in the classroom.

2nd Quarter Ends & quick updates

Ugh..I’m getting bad about not posting things.  I apologize.  Things have been whirlwind and stagnant at the same time.  Let me break it down…

Whirlwind:  The students are joining after school programs and that takes up time and energy setting up interpreter coverage.  Because some of these programs require multiple days and extended hours I have to provide the district with how many extra hours of pay the interpreters are the school are going to need.  Fun stuff… I wouldn’t ever want to be a lead interpreter for a district.  Oof…too much. ..and then when the student decides to cancel…more followup to our lead interpreter.

Stagnant: Educational interpreting in my opinion is a lot of the same thing, everyday. Sure the topics, lessons, situations vary but for the most part…  This isn’t a bad thing.  It’s nice to know where you are interpreting everyday.  Thank goodness for the random assembly to freak you out in the middle of a day-to-day rut.😀

So why haven’t I been posting?  Honestly, it’s laziness.  I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to contribute to the interpreting community lately.  I’m focusing on my skills.  Today was a teacher planning day so I seized and opportunity to attend a workshop this morning on Prosody.  I love learning.  Especially when it’s about something I really enjoy doing.  I feel like prosody is one of those things that you could take a million workshops on and still only scratch the surface of what that means.

I’m thankful for the four-day weekend.  I know that testing season is coming up. In fact, I believe we have some testing after we get back from the holiday.  Time to fill my head with songs so I can repeat them and keep myself from dozing. During the reading tests, I can interpret the directions and then am required to sit quietly while the students test.  Whee…

I will try to keep you updated with my journey.  I’m going to a lot of workshops over the next few months.  I think I’m going to register to take the EIPA Performance test again at the end of the summer.