That one word…

Do you have that one word that while you are interpreting seems to throw your whole day off?  For me it’s the word: treat.  “I deserve better treatment”, “Treat me right!”, and “That’s not how we treat our friends”, Are a few of the sentences that throw me off.  Yes, ASL allows expansion which is wonderful, but if I’m interpreting in English class where they are trying to expand their vocabulary…oof.

This is how I have been handling it so far.  Please feel free to send feedback.

English                                             Signing Gloss
“Dinner is my treat”                          DINNER – I PAY WILL

“Treat me right”                                BEHAVIOR TO ME RIGHT

“I deserve better treatment”               BEHAVIOR TO ME, BETTER NEED

“That’s not how we treat our friends”   BAD BEHAVIOR TO FRIENDS, NOT

I understand that a text doesn’t show non-manual markers and such so please don’t flame me for that.