RID Announces Moratorium on Credentialing

What does this mean?  All certificates, even Ed:K-12 which the testing, both written and performance, are not done via RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf)  for will be part of this moratorium until things can be “figured out”.  For those of us who are working towards National Certification, this confused me.  How can I get certified if governing body of interpreters isn’t giving out certifications.

The good news for me is that because I am an Educational Interpreter I choose to be tested via the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA).  It won’t be until December until I find out my results and I still have to take the written portion of the test.  So while I’m not totally freaked out about this, it still makes me weary as an interpreter to see our profession in such flux.  Change is good..right?

For more information on RID’s decision, click HERE.


Just a few more days….

I head back to work on Thursday.  We have two days of planning.  Hopefully the students schedules will be settled so I can go talk to teachers and get materials for classes.  Hmm..wonder if I’ll have a space to store materials.  Ah…all the uncertainties of the new year, exciting and scary at the same time.

I’m really going to work on being more patient with school politics.  I want change, but I know that it’s going to take time before Interpreters are taken serious in this district.  Right now we are “labeled” as office personal.  With the new license bills that are being presented, interpreters will have to college degrees or equivalent. Hopefully that will me more money, recognition that we need a work-space of our own in the school, and a planning period so we can prepare for classes we are interpreting.  I have to remember that these things take time….

I’ve had a wonderful summer working on my interpreting skills.  Silent Weekend and Summer Institute are amazing resources and I hope to expand my workshop attendance more this school year. I already signed up for one on September 13th!!



I got my results back from taking the EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment) that I took in August.  I scored a 3.3.  My reactions were all over the place at first. From “Wow, you did better than you thought” to “Oof…shouldn’t you be better than that?”.

I have been working as an interpreter for five years.  I remember reading, or maybe watching a vlog, about how that if you weren’t nationally certified after five years you should find another profession.  This popped into my head the day I got my scores.  Really?  I should just quit what I love?  No, I don’t think that is how any profession works.  You have to learn to hone your skills and develop your craft.  The EIPA team gives you wonderful feedback to help you do just that, become a better educational interpreter.  I still consider myself a very new interpreter with tons to learn and I love to learn.  I try to attend workshops when I can and have found a wonderful community of presenters via the Interpreter Project here in North Florida.

My plan is to test again in 2015 after doing my summer of professional development like I did last year.