Autumn Already

asl_helloWow, this school year is already flying by.

We are understaffed in the interpreter department. If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and you are looking to join DCPS, let me know. I’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Other than that, the year is going well. The cadets are settling into their routines. Our school is improving each year. We now have a school grade of C school versus the Ds we’ve had the three years prior. I’m really seeing a difference this year.

I have added a Sign Word GIF gallery. They are all me. I did post them to Twitter and Google Plus in the past. I am not an ASL teacher. It is best to learn from Deaf or from an ASL teacher but it’s out there…and now it’s here.

Yesterday, I attended a workshop in Orlando on The Dos, Don’ts and Maybes of Educational Interpreting presented by Jodi Raffoul. It was amazing. I wish I could keep her in my pocket and pick her brain when I need too. One of the things we discussed was tools to show how our students hear. One of them was a video of The Flintstones talking and it shows you how someone with a hearing loss would hear the cartoon. You can find that video here. There are tons of tools that she talked about and will be sending us in an email soon. I will definitely be posting them to share. If you get the chance, take a workshop that Jodi Raffoul puts on. She is funny and full of knowledge.


Last weekend of summer…


Lazily, I woke up this morning.  As I meandered through the house, making coffee, letting the cat go out on the patio, reading the news.  It hit me.  Today was the beginning of the last weekend of summer vacation.  Whoa…where did the summer go?

Actually, I know where it went.  I have been very busy attending workshops to “hone my craft”.   I wish I could have traveled more for pleasure.  Sure the week in Omaha, NE was worth it, I learned a lot, but I only ventured out one night.  I really need to get out of my comfort zone more often and do things, even if I’m by myself.

Things I’m going to work on this school year:

  • Doing my job, and only my job
  • continuing my professional development
  • letting things go, I don’t have to do it all
  • try to get that Clerk designation changed to interpreter in the district
  • be open to new opportunities

So bring on the younglings/padawans and let the force guide me. Well…in a week..I’m going to enjoy this last week of no students a little bit longer.



Working though the pain.

Whew…2014.  Where did the year go?  Can’t believe how fast this school year is going.  Lovin’ it!

I have been dealing with some shoulder pain since April last year.  After a couple rounds of steroids I finally had enough and set up an appointment with a specialist. My shoulder problem isn’t a shoulder problem at all.  In November, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor who wanted to x-rays and after seeing those, an MRI of my neck.  I was a little freaked out at this point, not knowing what that meant for my interpreting career.  Mid December the results were in.  I have a bulging C5/C6 disc and a ruptured C6/C7 disc.  My initial thoughts were not positive.  I can really talk myself into being a “Debbie Downer”.  (Sorry to all the people named Debbie) The doctor suggested physical therapy to improve my posture.  …and then he said “if that doesn’t work we’ll look into surgery.”  Why did he have to say that? Why couldn’t he have waited until that point arrived in my treatment?  I try to ignore that part of the conversation and focus on the physical therapy option. Also, What’s wrong with my posture?  I’ve always followed my mom’s advice and “hung from a hook” on the top of my head.  As a pianist I know the importance of good posture. After my initial physical therapy (PT) session, I apparently am too hunched forward. Okay…I can see that.

Fast forward to yesterday, my first day back to work after break.  A fairly light day as far as interpreting.  By the end of the day I was a weak, numb, tingling, mess.  After work I had my eighth session with the therapists.  I have made improvements as far as decreased pain, decreased numbness, and with some of my rotation angle measurements (yeah…didn’t know there were such things). While I’m not 100%, I’m doing much better.  The two weeks of no interpreting was helpful in my recovery. I know that it is still a long process, I have to convince myself that I can get through this.  I love a challenge, even though I complain about them as it happens.

My plan is to find creative ways to get my stretches in during the work day.  Some of them are a challenge because I don’t want to look “odd” and distract the students in the classroom.  I really don’t want surgery.  I really want to continue interpreting. I love what I do…



I survived!

Day one of the 2013-2014 school year is in the books.  Things went fairly smooth.

Our school is on an A/B day schedule with four 90 minute periods every day.  Today, those 90 minutes nearly did me in.  We have some new policies in our school, uniforms and structured movement, so those had to be reiterated all day.  This meant a lot of time with my hands in the air.  I love it, but I am out of interpreter shape.

I did make sure that I was sitting actively and that if I was standing I wasn’t locking my knees and shifting my weight around but standing properly too.  I really have to say that while I’m exhausted, it’s more mentally than physically.  My brain is mushy 😀     ….okay, okay…my shoulders are a little tired too.

Looking forward to tomorrow. New classes. New teachers that I’ve never interpreted for.

I really do love my job.  Mushy brain and all…