2014-2015 I’m ready!

JSMAL_logoI’m prepared for tomorrow.  Have schedules printed out for the first day. I think they have changed over the weekend but I hope not much. Have my black shirts ready for another year.  I made it really easy on myself this year and have bought five of the same shirt.  The cadets (students) all have to wear uniforms this year so I am planning on my own uniform of sorts.

I’m really excited.  The Deaf/HH program at the school has grown this year.  We will have three interpreters to cover classes this year.  Monday is going to be a little chaotic because one of the interpreters just got hired and will be heading to the School Board building to fill out paperwork.  Thank goodness we knew ahead a time and will have a sub-interpreter come for a couple of days.

I’m sure Monday night I’ll be exhausted after trying to get used to little hands, that I’m not familiar with, signing at me. Ahh receptive skills…how you elude me.

To all the educational interpreters, good luck and enjoy the school year.  Remember to hydrate, stretch, and take care of yourselves.



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