Just a few more days….

I head back to work on Thursday.  We have two days of planning.  Hopefully the students schedules will be settled so I can go talk to teachers and get materials for classes.  Hmm..wonder if I’ll have a space to store materials.  Ah…all the uncertainties of the new year, exciting and scary at the same time.

I’m really going to work on being more patient with school politics.  I want change, but I know that it’s going to take time before Interpreters are taken serious in this district.  Right now we are “labeled” as office personal.  With the new license bills that are being presented, interpreters will have to college degrees or equivalent. Hopefully that will me more money, recognition that we need a work-space of our own in the school, and a planning period so we can prepare for classes we are interpreting.  I have to remember that these things take time….

I’ve had a wonderful summer working on my interpreting skills.  Silent Weekend and Summer Institute are amazing resources and I hope to expand my workshop attendance more this school year. I already signed up for one on September 13th!!



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