Self Check…

Every once in a while I forget what my job is… I get way more involved in what’s going on in the classroom than I should. I’m human, it’s allowed.  Anyway, after those days I end up feeling lousy and have to take a day or two to get myself in check.

Thankfully, Classroom Interpreting has many reminders for me to review.  I believe I have a good self-realization thing going on so that I know when I tend to cross the lines and can reign in my actions quickly.

Professionalism is important.  Not only towards the teachers in the classroom but for all students as well.  Without that we can be labelled a troublemaker and find ourselves without a job.

When I feel those breaking points about to boil up and out, I’m going to count quietly to myself to calm down before I let any unprofessional-ism leak out.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to leave them.


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