Happy and Healthy makes for a great Interpreter

Keeping yourself healthy can be hard while working at a school.  It seems that some infection is going around all the time. It’s good to know if you are experiencing a cold or the flu.  You can check out the CDC’s Site for some helpful hints.

Somethings I do that I’m sure makes me look like Monk but keeps me relatively healthy through the year:

    • Don’t share my pencil or pens with students.
    • Carry my own Antibacterial Gel. (And if I offer it to someone else, I am the one squeezing it out of the bottle for them.
    • If I am sick, I stay home to get better.  I know that it’s hard to get a sub-interpreter but I am going to be out fewer days if I can “nip it in the bud

I have been lucky, injury wise.  I don’t know if growing up, playing the piano has built up my muscles or if I’m just lucky.  I do get sore in my shoulders and take the time to rest them.  Below are some links that I have found on a cursory search.

I need to incorporate these exercises to prevent future injuries – Injury Prevention.

Cumulative Motion Injury 

Overuse Injuries in Sign Interpreters

Terp Topic is always a wealth of information.

An interesting read about stress. Application of Demand-Control Theory to Sign Interpreting: Implications for Stress and Interpreter Training 
Stress can be very damaging to your health.  This site has 33 Ways to Reduce and Prevent Stress
Eating healthy and getting enough sleep are a given.  Sometimes it’s easier to eat Poptarts for breakfast but I can tell my brain isn’t as sharp on those days.  Protein is my friend 🙂



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